Right time for treatment

Benefits of orthodontic treatment

For Teens

Sports, homework, band practice, and maintaining a social life keeps teenagers busy. At Zaidi orthodontics we want to help teens balance their busy schedules and provide the opportunity to pursue a beautiful confident smile. This is a crucial time to foster and grow their self confidence, empower their different personalities, and go forth in the world with a healthy winning smile .Braces with the option to customize colors allow our fashion enthusiasts to express their creativity. Clear braces and Invisalign teen is also a great alternative for teenagers. We take pride in customizing our treatment plans to match your teens personality and choices.

For Adults

Adult orthodontic treatment has become more convenient and comfortable in the past few years. If you never had the opportunity as a child to receive orthodontic care or desire to improve your bite, Zaidi Orthodontic’s is here to help guide you on this journey. Dr Zaidi’s extensive training makes her uniquely qualified in the management and treatment planning of complex orthodontic and restorative problems.

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