I had a great experience at Zaidi Orthodontix. They were very friendly and treated me like family. They helped fix my smile to make it better, and I love the job they did on it! I smile all the time now because of an amazing job they did! — Toni Lynn Norrie


I’ve had such a wonderful experience at Zaidi Orthodontix! Everyone is so friendly and treat patients like family! I would recommend Zaidi Ortho to anyone who wants a beautiful smile! — Megan O’Donnell 
We’ve had both of our daughters get their beautiful smiles back! This team is reliable, understanding, and most of all, very professional. Thank you for your service and time through all the years! We highly recommend their service because they work with your schedule and make your visit there very pleasant. — The Tolentino’s
“The Zaidi Family is really like family. They care as much about your life as they do the health and appearance of your teeth.” Noah and Ben Radcliff
Zaidi Orthodontix gave me the smile and the confidence that I always wanted. The Staff was always so kind. They helped even a shy adult feel comfortable. Stephen Moorer
Stephen Moorer

For anyone who is considering which orthodontist to use for yourself or your child, I highly recommend Zaidi Orthodontix! My daughter and I visited several practices before finding Dr. Zaidi. From the first visit, sitting with Heather to discuss our options, I knew I had found the right group. My daughter was approaching 10 and still sucked her thumb. Many professionals had me so worked up and concerned about my daughter’s “damaged” mouth. Heather sat down with us and took the time to work out a plan to stop the thumb sucking. Her compassion and support was just the encouragement we needed! I was getting desperate and knew we had to do something. When we returned 4 months later to report that my daughter had stopped, it was a true celebration! Literally! Karen, the lovely receptionist, played “Celebration” from Kool and the Gang and blew bubbles all over the reception area! How thrilling –my daughter and I were so proud. Dr. Zaidi is such a personable orthodontist with a staff that is just as enthusiastic as she. I travel from Hamden, and it is well worth the drive. Thank you Zaidi Orthodontix! Dr. Rigali should be very proud! — Dorian Bauknecht