Having a great smile with healthy teeth, gums and jaw is an investment that will reward you for the rest of your life.  At Zaidi orthodontix we strive to make orthodontic services accessible to everyone, whether or not orthodontic treatment is covered by insurance. To learn more about orthodontic options for you or your child, the first step is a consultation.  At Zaidi Orthodontix, all orthodontic consultations are free and do not require a commitment to begin treatment.

Your consultation will provide you with the opportunity to take a tour of the office, meet the orthodontist and the staff, discuss any concerns you may have, and discover what treatment options are available for you or your child. 

During your initial consultation expect the following

  • A review of your dental and medical history
  • An oral exam and possible X-rays
  • A preliminary customized treatment plan
  • A question and answer session about your treatment plan addressing any questions you may have, such as:  How long will the treatment take?  Is treatment needed?  Will teeth need to be extracted? etc
  • An explanation of all costs, insurance options, and payment plans available.

If the consultation is for a minor child, an adult parent or guardian must accompany the child for the consultation.


At this point you are on the beginning of the path to achieving a healthy, wonderful smile!  If you decide to begin orthodontic treatment, the next visit to the office will include a full set of orthodontic records, which include photos, 3D imaging and impressions so you and your orthodontist can monitor and admire your progress.

Successive Visits

Periodic visits are an important part of orthodontic treatment. Generally, we will want to see you every 6 to 8 weeks to check your progress and make adjustments to your braces.

Length of Treatment

Braces may be on between 6 to 24 months or longer depending on the age of the patient, the severity of the problem, the patient’s cooperation and the degree of movement needed. After the braces are removed, there is a year long retention phase, which is included in the treatment fee.

Dental Care

Before any orthodontic treatment, your family dentist should make certain that all cavities have been treated and your gums and underlying bone are free of periodontal disease. Cleaning your teeth with braces is a more difficult process; hence, your visits with your primary care dentist are extremely important in keeping your teeth and tissues healthy.